Monday, September 23, 2013

What's the Point

This project I believe was an ok project because I am more of a three dimensional building kind of guy and not really a drawing kind of person. But I liked I chose Clocks as my idea because it's a really good thing to explore. You can really do anything with clocks which is why I chose to do them. I showed contrast in this project by drawing different sized clocks and making the background a clock.I had also made the middle the light source so all the clocks seemed to be moving towards it also. Some techniques I used in this project was the use of sort of layering, I don't really know the exact name of it but having a background and a foreground. I don't really think I had taken any risks in this project because it was the first one of the year so I had done it cautiously, I will be taking more risks later on. I overall had mixed emotions about this project.
-Jayce Abel

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