Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Contour shoe drawing

This contour shoe drawing was rather hard because I had to draw this show at an angle and the shoe was worn down so I had to draw it with a rounded sort of shape. Also their was a lot of detail in the shoe so I had to take a lot of time in adding all this while keeping my pencil down. Overall my hardest feature was making the shoe's tongue look like it was sunken inside of it. I liked this project because I personally really like drawing shoes. Overall I liked this a lot.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oil Pastels and Ipad

   Their is a huge difference I think between drawing these figures with oil pastels, and on the ipad. One of the big differences is that while on the ipad, you are able to blend the colors together, unlike with the pastels. Another difference is with the oil pastels, it is easier to navigate around the page easier than it is electonically. Some things that I have learnded through out this unit is how much blending can affect a painting. The dark and the lights in the picture really gives it an essence of the light source all around the painting. Instead of putting in a smiley face sun, you could just add some darks and lights and people can sense the sun is there. Overall I have enjoyed and learned a lot from this unit, but I must say that it is rather messy with the pastels.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Skeleton Cartoon

This Drawing of Bugs Bunny, I think is ok. It's not my best work but I think that the bone structure of the ribs and legs came out alright. The skull of Bugs Bunny was rather hard because I couldn't quite get down his huge jaw bone. These bones picture a real live bone set by representing, the hands, the ribs, the feet, the legs etc. Thsi drawing didn't require that much creativity because Bugs Bunny has a rather human-like figure. The only thing that I had to make up was the ears because I didn't know if there was a bone that connected it or not. But overall, I think that this was a very fun project to do.

Jayce Abel