Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Carving

So for the book carving project I decided to use the idea of Jimmy Valvano. He's a basketball coach for NC State that died of cancer. I thought the idea was good because college basketball is on and everyone is an NC State fan so I thought it would be good. Some struggles I faced during this project was the blade not being sharp enough which resulted in the page ripping. Also sometimes I wouldn't cut deep enough so I would have togo back and clean it up. If you didn't have a clear plan during this project then the layers of the book would be messed up and there would be a lot of trial and error. Some risky things I did was carving the net. Because it was so thin it would rip and I also had to cut in between the net to give it a realer look. I actually really like this project because I enjoyed cutting all the pages and the needed detail involved. I give this project a thumbs up!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Mixed Media

In my mixed media piece I had showed amusement by putting phones in each frame of the time periods. The main summary of my artwork is to show the evolution of phones throughout history. Although the time period doesn't exactly match up with when the phone was made, it sort of exaggerates it making it more interesting.Showing variety is what I had said earlier making different time periods.What I had used to make my artwork was I had ripped and glued tissue paper in the background to set the mood of each frame, but also I sort of had to make the colors sort of flow together.Then for the pictures I cut them out of magazines and printed them off of the computer. I think that us doing visual journaling helped me with the technique of using all the tissue paper and knowing the rights and wrongs of what I was doing. Some challenges I faced during this project was making the pictures different sizes. If I wanted more attention on certain pictures I would make them larger and up close and the less attention pictures smaller. One of my successes was the use of the bright colors I use to grab the attention of any viewer, because that's what I think you really need, an eye catching picture. I overall think I could of done better.