Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. I believe that my sticky situation project was my most successful piece of artwork this semester. I think this because most people when they think of this topic think of gum or a substance that is sticky. But me, I thought as a situation that would be tough to get out of. So I turned to Pixar to provide me with the idea of the movie UP. So I used the house and the mellowness of the mountains to sort of make a negative and a positive in this project. Although some chose a larger canvas to paint on, I chose the more smaller canvas because I am a more detailed painter so I worked with my strengths. Also I thought that on a larger canvas the mountains would overtake the whole painting because they were so brown. Because the size of the picture in this blog is so small, it is hard to tell but I had mixed in many different shades of brown. I had a Dr. Pepper looking brown, a light brown, a touch of an extremely dark brown and just normal brown. With all these browns came the problem of being able to make them all fit in. So there are many layers of brush strokes in those mountains. So this is my most successful painting.
2. This project is the one that I felt overcame the most obstacles. This project looked like it would take a while but it didn't which now that I look at it, I can see I should of spent more time on it. So if you couldn't tell already it is made entirely out of Cheetos. I spray painted the Cheetos because although I tried to buy Cheetos with the most unique colors, they all looked alike. They biggest problem I had faced was being able to fit the Cheetos together as close as possible. I didn't want to break/tear the Cheetos because I wanted to make them seem as if they belonged there. But in the end it amazing looked good. The project was based on my pet dog, he's a pug. I chose the Cheetos because my family has an on going thing about how he smells like Cheetos, so why not use them? I personally think that the use of the glue gun in this project will familiarize me with it for future projects, I sort of battled through all the burns, the stringy glue leftover and the way of finding a close outlet for the gun. I had the most fun with this project because the possibilities were endless. I think that the wider variety of objects I use will make me a better well rounded artist. Again, this is the project I felt I overcame obstacles.


3. These two pieces of artwork show how I grew as an artist during the semester. When I was making the pumpkin picture I had just thought I would just use orange and maybe some brown. But no, thanks to me learning I figured I could add some yellow, some red and even white. I also wouldn't of been able to blend the colors together and make them transition from outside to inside. Taking art has also broadened my horizons and I can see more like an artist. Like on the clock picture I was able to see that the same size clocks wouldn't be as interesting so making different sized ones added variety. The clock piece also helped me with my pencil work and adding certain pressure in different spots. In conclusion these pieces of artwork express how I have grown as an artist.
4. I think that this new way of teaching was an excellent idea because it gives the students more opportunities. It is a huge boost for the creative people out there, like me, who are held back with a strict rubric they need to follow. Now I could see how some people could counter argue this, saying that they need a bold guideline to follow. Let me tell you, those are not the creative thinkers, those are the ones who don't take a chance and try something new. Which is why I love the new way of teaching, it allows students to try something new all the time. Like in this project above, I did a sort of time line of the phone. I had exaggerated the background/foreground to add my own touch to it. To sort of show a proper ratio of the innovation of technology over the past 10 years to thousands of years ago. You wouldn't see that in any ordinary time line. Also I personally think I learn better like this anyways. These are my thoughts on this new system.
-Thanks for a great year!            Jayce Abel

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