Friday, September 27, 2013

Up Close and Personal

I had developed this idea for up close and personal because I liked how it was closing in on fall and Halloween so I had decided to take advantage and use a pumpkin. I had another design of doing a skeeball theme which is an arcade game. But because the skeeball idea was a little too complex and involved straight lines which I really didn't really want to do.I think that in this project I had really shown some technique to make this project great. The medium would have to be the pumpkin because it is the main attention on the whole page.I demonstrated emphasis in the project by adding lighter colors to show that it was underneath the sun and that it was three dimensional and one or two dimensional. I had actually really liked this project far more than our last project. 

-Jayce Abel

Monday, September 23, 2013

What's the Point

This project I believe was an ok project because I am more of a three dimensional building kind of guy and not really a drawing kind of person. But I liked I chose Clocks as my idea because it's a really good thing to explore. You can really do anything with clocks which is why I chose to do them. I showed contrast in this project by drawing different sized clocks and making the background a clock.I had also made the middle the light source so all the clocks seemed to be moving towards it also. Some techniques I used in this project was the use of sort of layering, I don't really know the exact name of it but having a background and a foreground. I don't really think I had taken any risks in this project because it was the first one of the year so I had done it cautiously, I will be taking more risks later on. I overall had mixed emotions about this project.
-Jayce Abel