Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sticky Situation

I really liked my idea for Sticky Situation because I really stretched the boundaries for what was expected. I had developed my ideas for this because I thought that being suspended in the air held up by thousands of helium filled balloons would pretty much put you in a sticky situation. I guess you could say I thought outside the box because I know that a lot of people just chose literal sticky stuff like gum or glue or tape, something like that. I showed repetition in this painting by adding all the balloons. I chose acrylic paint because I believe it is easier to work with and I think that it shows bolder colors than watercolor. Without acrylic I wouldn't of been able to make the white snow on the mountains and make them the way they are. The mini lessons that we did were crucial because it taught me how to add value and shading to the painting. This project is a thumbs up from me!

-Jayce Abel