Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Carving

So for the book carving project I decided to use the idea of Jimmy Valvano. He's a basketball coach for NC State that died of cancer. I thought the idea was good because college basketball is on and everyone is an NC State fan so I thought it would be good. Some struggles I faced during this project was the blade not being sharp enough which resulted in the page ripping. Also sometimes I wouldn't cut deep enough so I would have togo back and clean it up. If you didn't have a clear plan during this project then the layers of the book would be messed up and there would be a lot of trial and error. Some risky things I did was carving the net. Because it was so thin it would rip and I also had to cut in between the net to give it a realer look. I actually really like this project because I enjoyed cutting all the pages and the needed detail involved. I give this project a thumbs up!


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