Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nontraditional Portraits

So for this project I chose to do a portrait of my dog and I decided to make it out of Cheetos. I spray painted the different cheetos to show the differences of shading. I chose to do my dog because I feel that he is a very interesting subject to do. While brain storming  for the project I decided to use cheetos because our family has an ongoing thing that he smells like cheetos, so I thought that it would be funny if I were to make him out of cheetos. It had impacted my piece by making it seem as if it my dog were made out of cheetos. The risks I took in this project were that I had to strategically place the cheetos so that they could fit as close together as possible. The challenges I faced were that some cheetos are larger than others so I had to constantly flip them or break them to the flatter side of the cheeto would stay down with the glue. I don't really think my choices impacted the piece that much. I tried not to break the cheetos too much because I wanted to make it look like it came together naturally. I overall enjoyed this project!


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